Long term vehicles rental company in West Africa

Voltacars Rental Services (VRS) is a long term vehicles rental company based in West Africa for 15 years.

VRS offers companies based in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Sénégal, a tailor-made and complete package of services of long term rental, for any range and any brand of vehicles.

Voltacars Rental Services

VRS clients differ by their size (multinaltionals and SMEs) and by the sector or by the location they operate in.

Vehicles purchase (any range, any brand)

Voltacars offers a varied fleet of long-term rental vehicles, ranging from break, pickups and minibuses to numerous international brands.

Full comprehensive insurance

All long-term rentals are combined with comprehensive vehicle insurance to protect you in any situation.

Assistance 24/7

Voltacars offers 24/7 assistance to assist you in any situation.

VRS, a leader in long-term rental since 2004

Recognized as a quality service company, VRS is a west-african long term rental services leader company.

We operate in Ghana, in Ivory Coast and in Senegal